ASA Elected Delegates, Show Results, Sale Reports


A lot of changes have taken place around the industry in the past month. Some events have been canceled while others are taking place with several restrictions. This list is growing all the time and we need to stay prepared for additional changes. The North American International Livestock Exhibition (NAILE) is still planning to take place, but with restrictions due to Covid-19. No spectators will be allowed at the show. Only those who have a barn badge (obtained by submitting entries) will be allowed in the building – a privilege we all take for granted.

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With the ASA Annual Meeting coming up in about a month, we are gearing our brains for the biggest educational event we host for membership. I hope that a lot of you are making plans to join us in KC on December 5 for this event. With a theme of “Building Your Brand”, there will be plenty of information to be gathered on marketing, promotion, and improving your operation’s footprint in the marketplace. There are also plans for some virtual educational programming in the works, to make up for some lost time on the Annual Meeting schedule.

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Go Paperless!

Did you know that you have the option to go paperless? If you are wanting to change what you get sent in the mail and what you get sent only through email you can. You will log into your account and go to your General Profile Information in order to change these preferences.

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