In February, the ASA Board met with Kevin Ochsner for a strategic planning and board governance session. Breed association boards meet periodically to remain focused and realign in the areas important to the membership and the association. At times, ASA Staff is included with the Board members to share ideas, visions and other information to provide an overview of association activities. Kevin Ochsner is well known for hosting Cattleman to Cattleman on RFD, but his normal business is performing strategy sessions for companies and associations.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE....
On March 9, the American Junior Shorthorn Association board met in Kansas City for their Spring board meeting to discuss their duties and finalize details for the 2019 National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference.
While the weather was anything but spring-like, The ASA Board of Directors met in late February for their spring board meeting. During the course of the meeting, the topic of breeder education came up many times and on different topics under the umbrella of Shorthorn cattle production. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of purebred cattle production, and the board is committed to utilizing some of our resources as an association to help explain and grow the knowledge of our membership.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.....

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